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Version: v1.15.x LTS

Contribute to Zowe

Contribute to Zowe

You are welcome to contribute to Zowe in many forms and help make this project better! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to become a Zowe contributor. This topic outlines the different ways that you can get involved and provides some of the resources that are available to help you get started. All feedback is welcome.

Report bugs and enhancements#

If you have an issue that is specific to a sub-project or community team, feel free to submit an issue against a specific repo.

Fix issues#

  • There are many issues and bugs with the label Good first issue in the Zowe GitHub repositories to help you get familiar with the contribution process. Check out the following list of GitHub repos to make your contribution!

    When you decide to work on an issue, check the comments on that issue to ensure that it's not taken by anyone. If nobody is working on it, comment on that issue to let others know that you want to work on it to avoid duplicate work. The squad can assign that issue to you and provide guidance as well.

  • You can also reach out to the Zowe squads on Slack to check with the squads if there is any good starter issue that you can work on.

Send a Pull Request#

All code in Zowe aligns with the established licensing and copyright notice guidelines.

Before submitting a Pull Request, review the general Zowe Pull Request Guidelines and make sure that you provide the information that is required in the Pull Request template in that specific repo.

All Zowe commits need to be signed by using the Developer’s Certificate of Origin 1.1 (DCO), which is the same mechanism that the Linux® Kernel and many other communities use to manage code contributions. You need to add a Signed-off-by line as a part of the commit message. Here is an example Signed-off-by line, which indicates that the submitter accepts the DCO:

Signed-off-by: John Doe <>

You can find more information about DCO signoff in the zlc repo.

Report security issues#

Please direct all security issues to A member of the security team will reply to acknowledge receipt of the vulnerability and coordinate remediation with the affected project.

Contribution guidelines#

Check out the contribution guidelines for different components and squads to learn how to participate.

Promote Zowe#

  • Contribute a blog about Zowe. Read the Zowe blog guidelines to get started.
  • Present Zowe on conferences and social channels